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Get updated Minnesota travel tips from a life long resident. Learn what Minnesota residents know and love about our state and where to find the best deals and Minnesota attractions.

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Feb 7, Voyageurs National Park on Feb 6, 2012Voyageurs National Park is a Minnesota National Park located in an area dominated by large lakes.

Feb 7, Voyageurs National Park Adventure on Feb 6, 2012Minnesota's only national park is one of the least visited national parks in the nation. If you are looking for beautiful Minnesota wilderness and some solitude, this is the place for you. Voyageurs National Park...

Feb 4, How to Make Snowshoes on Feb 4, 2012Learn how to make snowshoes and snowshoe bindings. Traditional snowshoes are made the way early Minnesotans made them.

Feb 5, Minnesota Jokes Winter on Feb 4, 2012Minnesota jokes winter is just one of the challeges we face by laughing at Minnesota winter jokes.

Feb 4, You Know You Are A Minnesotan If.. on Feb 4, 2012Ways to Know You Are a Minnesotan and Other Minnesota Jokes...

Feb 4, Minnesota Hot Dish Recipes on Feb 4, 2012Minnesota hot dish recipes are among the most famous of Minnesota recipes. The Minnesota hot dish is the subject of many jokes and even the title of a book.