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Can Bloggers & PR People Co-Exist? on Jan 1, 1970The afternoon keynote panel of the Minnesota Blogger Conference featured Jennifer Emmert, Sally McGraw, Greg Swan, and Tony Saucier and was moderated by Trish Van Pilsum.

Woman Confused By Google’s Pac Man Logo on Jan 1, 1970A woman calls tech support because she can't turn off Google's Pac Man logo.

Google Nexus One Phone Hands-On Demonstration on Jan 1, 1970Video demonstrations of Google's new Nexus One smart phone.

Foodies: Online Behavior & The Food Industry on Jan 1, 1970David Erickson's presentation on April 28, 2010, about online behavior with regard to food for the University of Minnesota's Food Industry Center's 2010 Spring symposium, "The Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media in the Food Industry," at the...

Q & A With Malcolm Gladwell on Jan 1, 1970Author Malcolm Gladwell talks about his new book, "What the Dog Saw," a compilation of his stories appearing in "The New Yorker" magazine. Brian Lamb interviews the author for CSPAN. Found at YouTube from CSPAN via Holy Kaw!

ESPN Launches YouTube Channel, Prohibits Embedding on Jan 1, 1970ESPN has launched a channel at YouTube, but, inexplicably, has disabled embedding. I've praised ESPN for their willingness to allow embeds of their videos from their own site, so I'm not quite getting the logic of ESPN prohibiting sharing those very...