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Twin Cities graphic design/illustration/comic artist's personal blog (pop-culture commentary, occasional meme, and amusing videos, along with personal updates on what he's up to).

Located: St Paul, Minnesota
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Reminder! on Aug 27, 2009Looking to make this possible on my Mac- anyone know a good emulator that's not OS 9 Classic?Just a friendly reminder that my regular blogging (almost daily!) is at my other blogger blog, For your considera...

on Aug 9, 2009Just a reminder, I don't use this blog anymore, go to this one:

on Jul 3, 2009LOLI don't use this blog anymore, so go to for you Steve-fix!

New Blog on Feb 24, 2009Taking the advice of a friend (Kathy Schwallenbach), I set up a new blog that I'll maintain for professional uses. This new one,, will have no YouTube videos, no goofy-sh*t pics, and no "where I

Turtle Rant on Feb 21, 2009Today Nikki and I are going to a birthday party in Greater Minnesota- it's going to be quite a slog to get there, but it should be quite an amusing romp. I'll be missing the opportunity to see the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie playing

on Feb 16, 2009This one the contest at Har Mar, and I pocketed some change. Whee! So, I've put it up again, cause dangit, I'm proud of the old gal!Still job hunting, still network mining, still preparing promotional materials, and strengthening bonds. Yesterda