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A knitting and designing blog from one of Minnesota's hand knitting designers and teachers. "The less orthodoxy in knitting, the better!"

Located: St Paul, Minnesota
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Feed Me, Seymour on Jul 1, 2008I'll be the first to admit when I'm licked, and I just cannot figure out the RSS / Atom / Google Reader feed thing to save my life.If anyone can explain it to me, in lay-woman's terms, I'd be very appreciative.Right now I create my blo

And Me Without My Camera... on Jun 29, 2008I love my camera. I bought it YEARS ago, and I'm constantly astounded by the quality of the photos, and the ease of operation. But it's a small little camera, an Elph, and the quality is a bit limited.So I thought I'd check out cameras th

Storm-aha, Nebraska on Jun 28, 2008The photos in this blog entry are from the Omaha World Herald website.When I arrived in Omaha it was mid afternoon. I checked into my hotel, answered email and tidied up, then headed over to String of Purls yarn shop.I was early, which was good. I...

Turn Left Right at Des Moines on Jun 27, 2008Getting here was amazingly easy - drive South, turn Left Right at Des Moines - and Iowa was so much more beautiful than I'd expected!I don't know what my expectations were of Iowa, I don't know that I spent much time thinking about it (sorr

Shamelessly Supportive on Jun 26, 2008" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " I just made a donation to Barack Obama's campaign.I thought you might want to join me.The crucial financial reporting

Flying Poodles on Jun 26, 2008The dog-running-along-with-the-bike attachment (thanks blog readers!) should be arriving any day, but I'm impatient so I've been taking the slow, back roads with Atticus the running poodle - The S L O W L Y running poodle - puffing along on hi